Tree and Shrub Planting

Tree PlantingAll too often we are called out to remove a tree from a garden without the opportunity to plant a replacement. The client may have become disillusioned with their tree having outgrown its location.

We can assist with the perfect selection for planting as there are a range of tree species suitable for all spaces large or small.

We will help you to plan and carry out the planting of trees or shrubs well-suited to their surroundings allowing for growth and movement over time according to your specific requirements and avoiding future conflict with buildings, overhead cables, roads and pavements.

At Tree Wise, we want to help you to make the perfect choice allowing you to benefit from one or a combination of the following qualities :

  • A Focal Point
  • A Specimen Tree
  • Boundary Trees
  • Trees for Screening
  • Trees that Attract Wildlife
  • Interesting Foliage
  • Autumn Leaf Colour
  • Winter Foliage
  • Flowers-Spring, Summer and Winter
  • Berries and Fruit
  • Interesting Bark

Call us today to discuss your requirements and benefit from our complete Tree and Shrub Planting Service.