Tree Stump Removal in Glasgow and Paisley

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After felling a tree, the stump and associated woody roots can provide benefits by being retained for wildlife or even carved into a unique sculpture.

This might not be appropriate however, and stumps can often regrow and require ongoing maintenance, inhibit the ability to replant or take up precious space required for redevelopment.

We can help you to achieve the desired result by providing you with a team of expert tree surgeons trained in safe and tidy stump removal.

Mechanical destruction of a stump by stump grinding is less disruptive to the site than digging out.

If the pathogen Honey fungus (Armillaria sp.) is present the stump may pose a risk to retained trees.

Stump grinding extends through the base of the stump leaving the major roots disconnected reducing the potential for the spread of Honey fungus.

Since dead stumps rot slowly, what is to be done with a stump after felling is an important part of the decision making process when having tree work done. Afterwards, the hole left by stump grinding, can be filled with soil or other material or can be replanted with a tree or shrub.

Stump grinding is extremely dangerous and must only be carried out by trained experts. There is a risk of flying debris causing damage to property or moving parts causing injury. At Tree Wise our Stump Grinder Operators are trained in City and Guilds NPTC Unit AO7 Stump Grinders.

We assess the risk at every site and use Stump Grinding guards to protect your property. We use only the most efficient, well-maintained, modern equipment to give you the perfect result you are looking for.


The benefits of Stump Grinding:

  • No Future Management
  • No Regrowth
  • Space For Other Land Use e.g. Planting, Landscaping or Building
  • No Safety Hazard
  • Reduce The Source For Pests or Pathogens