Precision Tree Removal, Renfrewshire and Glasgow

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If you have a dead, dying, diseased or dangerous tree or if your tree has simply outgrown its location you can be confident that we are the right choice of tree surgeons for you.

As well as being insured, qualified and assessed in the work that we perform, most importantly we have built up confidence through experience accumulated over a number of years of carrying out and specialising in this type of work on a daily basis.

We can remove your tree in any location and can ensure that the usual obstacles such as sheds, fences, BT cables and even your home are in our safe hands as we deploy the most modern climbing and dismantling techniques. No straight felling techniques used here.

Our approach

Precision Tree Removal

We use only the best equipment which is maintained and checked regularly to ensure reliability.

With ropes and harness and climbing spikes the climber will ascend the tree safe in the knowledge that there is a experienced groundsman below trained in aerial rescue and first aid.

Where the job requires it we use pulleys and lowering ropes and slings to safely lower branches and wood to the ground.

We then process the arisings on the ground and remove them leaving a perfectly tidy site at the end.

We take pride in ensuring complete satisfaction and peace of mind upon conclusion of every job we undertake big or small.

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