Mature Tree Management

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We can help you retain your mature trees for much longer and ensure they thrive in what can sometimes be difficult conditions for trees within urban environments.

With proper maintenance Trees can add aesthetic and economic value to your property. Poorly maintained Trees on the other hand can be a significant liability.

There are a number of ways in which we can help with more mature tree management:

Tree Inspections

Whether you are the owner of a single tree or a land owner of manager we can help you to exercise your duty of care by providing a tree inspection service to help assess and quantify whether your tree may pose a risk to people or property.

Fungi, high winds, dieback and tall trees can all lead to fear of failure but are often nothing to worry about.

We can help to recommend the appropriate remedial action, if any and provide peace of mind in the process.

Deadwood management

Not all deadwood should be removed from Trees as it can provide important habitat for wildlife including Woodpeckers and various insects. Where it is overhanging roads, pavements or property, however, it may require removal.

We have the experience to detect and remove any significant deadwood and determine whether its existence is related to any other Tree health issues.


Mulch reduces competition from weeds and grass and prevents mechanical damage. It can help improve soil conditions by encouraging earthworm activity and reversing compaction which can be especially beneficial where children play beneath trees, for example. It can release nutrients into the soil and encourage beneficial flora and fauna.

We can assess your mature trees and introduce mulch in order to improve site conditions and improve all round tree health.

Cabling and bracing

We can install structural support systems in your trees to ensure that trees can be safely retained where natural weaknesses might otherwise lead to fractures or failure.

The systems we use are non-invasive and therefore do not involve drilling into the tree.

Click to watch video for a comprehensive demonstration.

Other Mature Tree Services we provide (call us for more information)

  • Lightning rod installation
  • Veteranisation
  • Decay Detection
  • Mycorrhizae Innoculation
  • Bat and Bird Box Installation
  • Bat Surveys