Tree Surveys, Renfrewshire and Glasgow

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What is a Tree Inspection?

It’s a periodical check to gauge the condition of your tree identifying a necessary course of action if one is required.

Why have your Trees inspected?

An inspection can give you peace of mind in understanding whether your tree is healthy or unsafe. We can identify symptoms or features and highlight their significance.

InspectionsAs a tree owner you have a legal duty of care to take reasonable care to ensure your trees do not pose a risk to people or property.

A tree inspection gives a recorded expert opinion from a trained, qualified and experienced Arboriculturalist. We at Tree Wise have achieved the Lantra National Award in Professional Tree Survey and Inspection and have the experience of having surveyed over 2000 trees.

Trees require regular inspection and also after any event such as a storm which may have caused a sudden change Routine tree inspections over time help you to meet your duty of care where people or property could be at risk from tree failure should a legal dispute arise.

What is involved?

  • Visual inspection of site and trees
  • Data collection based on tree condition from root to tip
  • Identifying hazards such as structural weaknesses, fungal decay or pests and diseases
  • Risk rating
  • Management recommendations based on BS 3998: 2010
  • Appropriate recommended work time scales
  • Written record of findings
  • Re-inspection timescales

What we can help with

  • Fungi, pest and disease identification
  • Neighbourly disputes
  • Insurance and Mortgage Reports
  • Climbing Inspections
  • Tree Risk Management
  • Development Surveys and Reports to BS 5837
  • Routine Management Plans
  • Tree Health Monitoring e.g. Phytopthora or Chalara (Ash Dieback)