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After all the heavy rainfall recently, we have had some reoccurring tree problems which may not seem related to the weather.

I’ve experienced two incidences of cracking and splitting stems in the last two days due to the sudden, heavy downpour being transpirated by mature trees. One in Linlithgow on a Beech tree that nearly prevented a Forestry First Aid course from going ahead and another on a mature Oak overhanging a road in Mount Vernon, Glasgow.

Water is taken up by the roots and carried up through the Xylem as normal but due to the excessive rainfall trees are affected when the amount of water they take on board becomes too much and the additional weight sees vulnerable weak parts of the tree’s structure breaking under the strain.

This is known as “Summer Branch Drop” and usually occurs during dry weather when there is a sudden heavy downpour.

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If you are asking yourself; “Why has my conifer tree turned brown”, your tree may have fell victim to the pest known as Cypress aphid (Cinara cupressivora).

It’s possible that the browning is due to poorly stored de-icing salt, drought or wind damage but over the last five years in Scotland I have noticed that this problem has become more prevalent and it is most likely due to the Cypress aphid moving further north.

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Treewise Tree Surgeons will be holding a special event on 23rd June.

Join us for a friendly jaunt for those who want to know more about trees and how to identify them with confidence. We’ll cover some common species and some which are a bit more exotic, sharing stories about their unique features, history and there will be a wee test at the end. All are welcome.

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